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The hawker center gourmet popular food group doubles in one year

August 23, 2018 by Editor

The hawker center gourmet popular food group doubles in one year


There are more and more small travel agencies in the local area to start a half-day tour of food. According to the travel agency interviewed, the food group in the hawker center is the most popular, and the demand in the past year has increased at least twice.

Moving to Singapore eight years ago, Israeli citizen Kani turned from a chef as a tour guide and launched a half-day tour of food from different regions. One of the most popular is to dine at the Tiong Bahru Cooked Food Centre. She takes the group at least three times a week.

Carney, the founder of the small travel agency, said: “People from all over the world will come because it is a new world for them. They don’t know anything, and they have never seen someone turn over Indian pancakes or fried dough sticks.”

Some passengers said: “You can taste different cultures, including Indian food, Chinese food, and Malaysian food.”

The small travel agency established last year also has a half-day tour of the hawker centre, which is quite popular among tourists. In addition, they also include tasting hawker centre meals in the free walking tours offered each day.

Sun Daxin, founder of the small travel agency, said: “The booking rate of our food group is increasing. It is possible that at the beginning, we only have one or two groups per week. Of course, there are three or four groups now.”

Some passengers also said: “Look at how local people eat, use their hands or just use their right hand. We don’t have such a way to eat in Germany, so it feels good.”

The government intends to apply for the hawker culture in March next year to preserve and carry forward the unique characteristics of our country. But to succeed, strong community support is key.

Fu Haiyan, Minister of Culture, Community and Youth, said: “We will go to various places on the ground, including our various hawker centres, to actually request this exhibition to explain the process of our inclusion of intangible culture. We hope Let everyone make some efforts for our culture.”

The results of the application are expected to be released by the end of 2020.

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