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Peranakan High Tea @ “The Peranakan” Singapore

I am a big fan of “high tea.”

Usually, I visit the Raffles High Tea or The Fullerton Bay Hotel and enjoy a nice cup of Earl Grey tea with some freshly baked scones, cream, and jam.
However, yesterday I had a chance to try something different and I would rather say very different.

I was invited to a Peranakan high tea in a beautiful place named “The Peranakan ” located at Claymore Connectt.

For me as a tourist guide and Food Explorer, it was a very cultural and delicious experience.

The place is designed in a way that’s and authentic as if a real Peranakan style dining room with the famous Tok Panjang (meaning “LONG TABLE “) used for special events and feasts.

And then our waiter dressed in a Batik shirt served us a huge tray (for 2 hungry pax) with special appetizers and Canapes that are unique and are very different from the British scones.

The menu includes; Toasted bread with Durian puree, along with other delights such as

Kuhe Pai Tee – spring roll cups stuffed with turnip and prawns.

Rice salad with 2 kinds of Fish with herbs
Appam Balik which was unique and scrumptious

Another highlight (above): 6 desserts based on DURIAN – the King of Fruits of Asia.

I would definitely come again for a special #woknstroll- a culinary adventure in Singapore.If you want to learn more about the Peranakan food culture you can join us for a food tour :

So what are you waiting for? Let’s Wok ‘n’ Stroll

Link to the restaurant :

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