Tokyo - A Memorable Culinary Adventure

Tokyo – A Memorable Culinary Adventure

From a cozy Izakaya in a trendy neighborhood to the best sushi bars serving the catch of the day , Franch bistros and bakeries serving pastries with a smell and taste of Paris , hearty Miso soups and Ramen, Yakitori and Tempura, Takoyaki and Okonomiyaki … words can not describe the tastes , the presentation, and the Umami in every dish!
Tokyo– you are more than exciting. thanks for a great Wok’n’Stroll culinary adventure. we will come back soon
meanwhile, you can join us for a great culinary adventure in Singapore

or on our new ” little Tokyo” culinary adventure in Singapore


Ramen master enjoying some breeze



Miso and Shoyu Ramen- very hard to decide


Tuna and Avocado in a soy sauce and wasabi marinade
Miso soup with crabs
Menu on the Izakaya wall- for Japanese readers only

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