Cooking in Corona days with Karni Tomer-Food explorer Moroccan Fish - Wok 'n' Stroll

Cooking in Corona days with Karni Tomer-Food explorer Moroccan Fish

Hi, I’m Karni Tomer Food Explorer,

Food explorer and owner of a food tours company in Singapore.

I have lived in Singapore for over 10 years, and the thing I love most is eating.

And to cook, to bake and specially to indulge in food.

In Singapore, the Corona sneaked into our lives in late January at the height of the Chinese New Year celebrations.

We went through very stressful days accompanied by loss of income, fear of the unknown, psychosomatic illnesses and daily counts of patients.

Today the situation is under control but the virus has not disappeared. In the meantime, I am sad to see how the virus has spread to the world and to Israel in particular.

In my opinion, the best therapy is food.

Cooking and feeding you is the best gift I can give you.

Every day, I will publish a Western or Asian recipe that will delight your heart and inspire you to cook at home.

Hope to see you on better days,

Karni Tomer Food Explorer – Singapore

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Recipe for white fish in tomato sauce, Moroccan style

It is known that every Israeli has his personal recipe for the famous red fish dish served for Shabbat Dinner or  holiday season. Regardless, I decided to give you my latest version of this recipe, seeing as I have a few versions of it; one from my friend Vered, one from my Greek grandparents and many more from other friends who shared their family  recipe with me.

This recipe is based on a sauce of fresh, red and sweet tomatoes that are cooked in garlic and olive oil with spices. There is nothing more delicious than this. Please serve this dish along with the beautiful recipe I had published for Israeli Challah bread as, when combined, these recipes are a killer combo.


White fish like Sea bass, red or white snapper, grouper – cut to filets  and then to Halfs. you can use also frozen fish as Tilapia ,sea bream etc.

8 red tomatoes cut into quarters or eights

8 garlic cloves- sliced or chopped

A bunch of coriander (Cilantro) and a little celery / parsley for those of you who like these

A teaspoon of sweet paprika and a teaspoon of spicy paprika

Chopped red or green chili pepper

Half a teaspoon of turmeric

Two teaspoons tomato paste






Heat 2-3 tablespoons of oil in a frying pan

Add the garlic and chilis and  fry.

Add the paprika and turmeric and fry these too. Be careful and do not burn these.

Add the tomatoes, a few leaves of Coriander (cilantro) and or the celery/parsley, then start cooking with a tablespoon of water.

Cook until the tomatoes are softened.

Add the tomato paste and a little more water if needed.

Balance the flavours accordingly by adding more salt or sugar.

add the fish and cook for another 10-15 min until the fish is cooked and you can see the filets brakes apart a bit.

Don’t forget to serve with some sweet Challah bread.

Shabbat Shalom, and I hope you enjoy!

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