Tour duration
3 hours

SGD 100/Per Person

Starting Point
85 Sultan Gate Singapore 198501 Malay Heritage Centre (near Gift Shop)

Bites + Sips included

Semi private groups of 2-6 participants

Bookings of our scheduled tour are to be made 24 HOURS in advanced

**Options available for corporate events, team building events and private tours


Fly on a magic carpet to visit the Royal Palace and spice up your visit to Kampong Glam with Wok ‘n’ Stroll on our new Singapore food tour!

Kampong Glam is home to some of the most authentic Malay and Indian Muslim cuisine in Singapore, and our local food tour guide will bring you on a tantalizing makan (meaning to eat or consume) journey that’s more than just about eating. From sweet snacks such as Kueh Kueh to savory bites such as Curry Puff and Samosas, not only will you get to savor these rich and flavorful foods, you will get a chance to check out the main ingredients and see local tradesmen at work!

Explore the garden of spices and learn basic ingredients of the local cuisines. Catch the Indian chef meticulously flipping the Murtabak (pancake with meat filling – crispy on the outside, tender within – to be eaten with curry) on the sizzling hot stove! Your Kampong Glam food tour will also lead you to some of the favorite locals’ hangouts in the neighborhood, one of which is where you can taste Nasi Pandang (steamed rice served with various irresistible choices of meat and vegetable dishes often cooked in coconut milk among other spices) alongside local residents.

The rich aroma of food lingers along the historical streets of Kampong Glam, but there’s more to Kampong Glam and our Wok ‘n’ Stroll food tour than just tasting food. During your Singapore walking tour, you’ll also take in other aspects of this historical neighborhood, an ethnic district that began as a fishing village and has been home to royalty. Join us today for a wholesome and unforgettable food tour experience through historic Kampong Glam!

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