As a foodie and a travel agent, I am delighted to be able to offer luxury, tailor-made food tour culinary vacations for the independent travellers, a group of friends, Singapore expats, or cruise passengers, who want to discover and taste Singapore's culinary secrets in style. Enquire now for your unique Singapore food tour itinerary.  


For the food lover, the world business centre and cultural melting pot of Singapore is a gastronomic paradise – a place where culinary adventures are waiting to begin.

This small country may be a dot on the map, but it has more culinary delights to offer than a nation ten times its size.

If you’re a fervent foodie, there is so much to explore – but you don’t have to do it alone.

Join me and my team on a mouth-watering food tour of taste, discovering the rich and spicy flavours of local dishes, or treat yourself to a tailor-made weekend dedicated to food exploration; from Singapore cooking classes with an expert local chef – to learn the traditional delights of my grandmother’s recipes.


As a foodie myself I know what will excite you, whether it’s tasting your way through five-star restaurants; enjoying a hands-on private cooking class or getting together with the celebrity chef you have always wanted to meet.

Explore the luxury side of Singapore – just name your date and I will arrange the rest.

Please send us an email with the date of arrival, how many people and what do you want to see during your vacation and we will send you a tailor-made Singapore food tour itinerary!

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